The British Columbia Teachers` Association and the provincial government have reached a tentative agreement, ending a months-long dispute that left many parents and students worried about the start of the school year.

The agreement, which still needs to be ratified by both sides, includes a 7.25% salary increase over the three-year term of the deal. It also includes a one-time $400 payment to teachers to offset the cost of the union`s strike fund, which was used during the dispute.

The agreement also addresses issues around class size and composition, with an additional $58 million allocated to hiring more teachers and support staff.

The dispute between the BCTF and the government began in early 2019, when negotiations broke down over issues around class size, composition, and support for students with special needs. The BCTF held a series of rotating strikes in the spring, followed by a full-scale walkout in September, which lasted for five weeks.

The strike had a significant impact on students and parents, with many struggling to find childcare or alternative education options. The government responded by offering parents $40 a day in compensation for each child affected by the strike.

The agreement is a positive development for both teachers and students, as it will provide much-needed stability in the educational system. It also highlights the importance of collective bargaining and the power of unions to advocate for the rights of their members.

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