Alethium Corp. is a veteran owned technology company (since 2002). Our company specializes in building award-winning ground communication systems for government agencies in North America. Our specialized development frameworks enable us to quickly build sophisticated, high-quality satellite ground communication systems and applications that are available anytime and anywhere.

The company has broad technology and industry experience, and has a high level of expertise in emerging technologies such as Satellite Ground Systems, System Administration, Military Command Centers.

Because the company’s technology capabilities are far-reaching, integrating disparate information systems in creative ways, such as through service-oriented architectures and loosely coupled techniques, is company strength.

Alethium Corp., was established in March, 2002, with headquarters in Pasadena, CA. The senior management team has more than 70 years combined experience in industry and technology.

Our approach to application development utilizes both Microsoft’s suite of powerful enterprise tools and non-Microsoft sourced technologies including Java and Eclipse. We create extremely flexible solutions that are quick to develop, robust and remain highly scalable. For our customers, this means a decreased upfront cost and a much longer lifespan for the developed solution.