Henry Judd

CEO, Co-Founder

Mr. Judd has over 35 years of experience in computer information systems, operations and project management, systems analysis and development. His experiences ranges from project manager for the Jason Ground System to principal system and software engineer on various projects. Mr. Judd is CEO and co-founder of Alethium Corp.  Mr. Judd started the company in March of 2002 and is currently working as an independent consultant subcontracting through Raytheon Co. to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the WISE project.

Mr. Judd Successfully managed the design, development, test and implementation of the 800,000 lines of code Jason-1 satellite ground system. Designed the overall hardware/software architecture for the JTCCS and delivered the entire system on schedule and under budget.  Awarded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Software of the Year award in 2002. Awarded the NASA Meritorious Achievement award.

Mr. Judd was responsible for bringing the US Navy SFTS project to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Successfully gathered and defined the functional requirements for the SFTS and published the Functional Requirements Document (FRD). Designed the overall architecture for the implementation of the SFTS.

Mr. Judd was an independent consultant performing as senior system software engineer and cognizant design engineer at JPL on the US Air Force Global Decision Support System (GDSS). Principal designer of three major GDSS subsystems in the areas of command and control, logistics support and management briefing systems. Mr. Judd Successfully designed, managed and implemented the logistics command and control systems for GDSS. Designed and implemented the management briefing system (MBS) for GDSS. Designed and implemented the relational database for GDSS and MBS. Awarded Meritorious Achievement Award from the US Air Force Military Airlift Command (MAC) and JPL.



Richard Wissinger

President, Co-Founder

Mr. Wissinger has over 25 years experience in computer information systems, operations and management, systems analysis and software development.  His experiences range from systems analysis of Naval Communications to object oriented design and development of messaging middle-ware.  Mr. Wissinger is also experienced with the design and development of client/server and multi-user applications, distributed heterogeneous systems and database applications.

Mr. Wissinger graduated with honors from the Computer Learning Center in Springfield, Virginia in 1985 and holds an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy.   Mr. Wissinger is an active member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and former member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).

Mr. Wissinger is President and co-founder of Alethium Corp.  Mr. Wissinger started the company in March of 2002 and is currently working as an independent consultant subcontracting through Raytheon Co. to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the WISE project. Among his customers are Stepstone Corporation where he is responsible for new ports and maintenance of the Objective-C compiler and AverStar, Incorporated where he is subcontractor to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the Jason project.  Mr. Wissinger has also provided a presence for companies on the Internet and web site development for businesses of various kinds.



Jon D. Breen

Mission Operations System Administration

Mr. Breen has over 15 years experience in management of computer support, systems engineering, systems administration, network administration and website development.

Mr. Breen is responsible for daily operation of all project critical computers for software, hardware, networking, trouble shooting, testing and integration of subsystem, plus all updates / modifications related to each Flight Project’s requirements.

Mr. Breen was initially tasked to develop an automated, Web-based documentation entry and library system for the Deep Space Network at JPL. Using Cold Fusion, JavaScript, Java Applets, and html along with an Access database, the program was developed to enable the entry of documentation into a database environment to facilitate easy updating and access of the data for future reporting and use. Future plans call for a transfer from the Access database over to an Oracle database backend.

Mr. Breen is building and installing and Alpha Processor Server using Linux Operating Systems and Apache Web Server Software.  He configures software for multi-domain web hosting and writes CGI and JavaScript programs as needed.  He started programming with PHP scripting software to automate websites.  He co-ordinates with Network Solutions and other domain name service providers for registering and transferring domain names to the host.  He also compiles and installs Sendmail, MySQL, PostgresSQL and other needed software packages for use on Web Server.